Cheshire Events List

Expires: 01 October 2018

This is a posting to all registered members of the Cheshire RAYNET Groups. Each month this bulletin shows events that have been booked within the county for the next two months. If you are interested in attending an event shown on the list then please contact the Group Controller or his deputy on the numbers shown.

Please don't forget the 'local news' section, this is for local administration notices & list server information. Please check this section to see if there is anything relevant to you !

September/October 2018

If you can help on any of these events please contact your Group Controller as follows.

Dane Valley RAYNET Group Controller: Peter Fox G8HAV , 01606 553401

Deputy Group Controller: Olly Tate M0SUN

West Cheshire RAYNET Group Controller: Greg Mossop G0DUB

Deputy Group Controller: Graham Pemberton, G7NEH

West Group Contact Number - 01244 911640

Now for any other news which does not really qualify for an entry into the national RAYNET diary

Holiday season is over for many of us and organisers are now winding up for the final events of the year. Please note again the a date clash on 7th October where we have both the Chester Full Marathon and Cholmondeley Horse Ride on the same day. Please let your groups know your availability as soon as possible for this date when requested.

73 and see you on an event soon.

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